The secure Hyker workspace

That does not keep your keys

Get started in 1 min

Easy and secure file management
with full control

Easy to use

GDPR compliant and policy friendly

Confidentiality built-in

Organize and share files in user teams

End-to-end encrypted

Nothing to install, no setup, no trouble

Security is about control

KONFIDENT is not like other collaboration tools.

When using KONFIDENT, your files remain in your control. We don't settle for protection from hackers, we protect against insiders aswell.

Not even we can read your data.
Why should you have to trust other companies?

Sharing without trouble

Working together should be effortless.

Because of this, KONFIDENT is designed to reduce complexity. Most work consists of simple tasks.

KONFIDENT is focused on these simple tasks, avoiding clutter and complicated processes.

Get started in 1 min

(If you get an invitation it's even faster)


Launch app. Click OPEN KONFIDENT APP button in the menu


Enter your workspace.

Don't know this? Talk to the person who has the Workspace Account where you are supposed to share documents.


Verify you identity using one of the provided methods.

Click on your choice and follow the instructions.


Start collaborating

Select team to the left
Upload and download files
Organize in folders
Click on Teammates to approve
    teammates to download your files

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